Book Me/Etiquette

I truly enjoy enjoy my work as a companion and that is mainly because I choose only to meet with respectful and serious clients. All initial contact should happen via mail och my contact form. Please do not ask me for my phone number or to use any apps (like Kik, Skype etc.). When we have decided to meet, I can call you anonymously to verify myself and our appointment. Please note that I won’t answer messages I find rude, asking for something I don’t provide or missing information I require. Read my website thoroughly, messages missing information I require or asking for something I don’t provide/something that is easy to find information about on my website (like rates, pictures etc.) can give of a bad first impression, and we all know how important first impressions can be for a date! Swedish is my mother tongue, but I communicate in English on social media/via my website since I often meet with international gentlemen.

What to write when you decide to contact me?

Decided that you want to meet me? Fun! When you feel ready for a rendezvous with me, please include following information in your message:
What kind of service you would like to book and for what time duration (ex. “4 hours dinner date with a naughty GFE”)
When you would like to meet me (time and date, for example “thursday the 23rd at 19:00”)
Where you would like to meet me (ex. “in Stockholm, dinner date followed by private time at a hotel” or “outcall to my apartment which is located…”)
– Please include screening information and a presentation about yourself. Your presentation can include your profession, age, body type, ethnicity, interests, personality… Anything you would like me to know (but please don’t be vulgar, don’t mention your genitalia or send any pictures)!

Please note that I don’t do any last minute or same day meetings. I also don’t do short meetings (15 min, 30 min or 1 hour with clients I haven’t met before. The shortest amount of time possible with a new client is 2 hours. This is because I take great pride in providing excellent service and a good time, and that is not possible if I feel rushed). To ask for any services I don’t provide (like a short last minute meeting) is something I find rude.

I focus on high-quality bookings rather than high-quantity. I’m low volume and I’d rather say no than risk my safety or risk having a bad meeting that will make me and you both feel unhappy. Being an companion is not my main occupation, why my schedule unfortunately isn’t as flexible as I am. If you are looking for something fast and non personal, I don’t think my services is what you are seeking. I do not offer incalls (no, I don’t have place to meet, I live with room mates and unfortunately you can’t visit) or book hotel rooms for hosting a lot of clients, since this is indiscreet and can cause suspicion.

My location is, if not announced via Twitter or my website, southern Sweden and Copenhagen. I will happily travel to your city when you book me and arrange a meeting with me. If I have any travel plans and have any free time over for dates, that will be announced on my Twitter or website. Please note that I don’t have time to just chat. If you want to get to know me a bit before making a booking, I offer texting services.

Screening and discretion (what is screening and why do I require it?)

Screening is something I require for all new clients. Screening is me asking for information about you to help me protect myself from any unsavory clients and experiences. Since I value my security and health, I will not see anyone who attempts to negotiate their way around screening. I usually will want to know your full name, date of birth, and maybe see your LinkedIn profile (a profile that is active and not seems fake). You can also send an email from your official work email to an discreet email address of mine (not my Proton mail). If you don’t want to provide this information I will request references from two verified providers which you have seen in the past year. I will contact these providers and ask them about your behavior and whether or not you are a good client. Your information is of course kept private and is never shared with anyone, I will never discuss you or your information with anyone. If you need any more information about screening and what it is, please google “escort screening” or similar search words.

How can you be discrete if you ask for my personal information? I am of course highly aware of any risks you may take when contacting me and your need for discretion, and I value your wellbeing and privacy as my client as well. I know that screening isn’t common among Scandinavian escorts jet, but hopefully it will be someday. Your information is always deleted (if you want, you may watch me delete it) after our meeting and I use a secure email address which uses verification and is password protected. I don’t do in calls (since it’s rather indiscreet) and I am always very discrete when meeting in public. Every reservation at hotels or restaurants is made in my name and I book all tickets for traveling myself. I will never contact you first myself, never text you or call you. For your sake, please delete everything in your phone after our meeting as well. As I’ve said on earlier pages, I want to make your life more pleasurable, not complicated. If you are looking for discretion in your meetings with escorts, please don’t visit escorts who are high volume, with incalls at private residences or escorts that don’t screen clients.

Deposit (what and why?)

A small, discreet and non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to book an appointment where I have to travel for more than 45 minutes from my home to meet you. This ensures that I know you are committed and accountable to keeping the appointment, that I won’t have to ravel and then get stood up at last minute. The deposit can be sent as an anonymous virtual gift card to my email address. If you want to keep it extra discrete, please send the gift card to your own email address and then send it to me. I do not accept bank transfers for my deposition or for my donation. You are welcome to ask me for my current favorite store for gift cards, but if nothing else is mentioned, I prefer it to be to Net-a-porter (the European page). From 2020-04-25 I also accept Bitcoin, please ask me about it and I will guide you.
Since my time (and money since I’m the one booking and paying for tickets) is precious to me, the deposition is a safety for me. It shows me that you are sincere with your booking. I’m not trying to scam you, rather the opposite, I’m trying to make sure that you aren’t fooling me!


I accept cash and my rates are in Euro. I also accept Bitcoin, SEK and DKK. If you want to pay me in SEK or DKK, please use today’s exchange rate when you are figuring out my rate.
If we are meeting in private, please present me with my donation in an unsealed envelope in the first 5 mins of the meeting. Please do not make me ask for it, since this might be a bit awkward for the both of us. If we’re meeting in a public place, please place the donation inside a small gift, a suggestion is a book or a gift bag, please be discreet about the whole exchange and don’t make me ask for it in a public place either.
Payment for tickets and accommodation should be presented in the same way.

Cancellation Policy

As I’m a very active and ambitious person, my time is very precious to me and if we have confirmed a date it means I have set aside and reserved that time for you only. I’ve might canceled and said no to other engagements. Of course, I understand things can come up unexpectedly, and it’s better that you cancel late then don’t show up at all. With that being said, if you cancel with at least 48 hours notice your deposit can be applied to a future date for the same service. Should you cancel within 24 hours before our date or less, you will be required to pay 50% of my rate as a cancellation fee. In the (very) unlikely situation I have to cancel an appointment, I will put the deposit into a future date within 30 days and offer an additional half hour on our next booking.