Where are you located?
I recently (September 2021) relocated from my home country Sweden to Florence, Italy.

Are you doing this voluntarily? *Insert every tiresome prejudice about sex workers*
YES! I’m as “fair trade” (joke) as it can be. I truly enjoy this field of work (even if it’s not my main occupation), I’m picky with who I choose to spend my time with and I never agree to do something I don’t want to. I do not believe that you “buy a body” when you meet me, nor is it automatically rape. You compensate me for my time and everything we do is consensual. I’m a Swedish citizen and I work independently. No one decides over me or my time.
I’m an active advocator for sex workers rights and I’m pro-decrim. During 2021 I’m part of the board of Red umbrella Sweden. You can read more about us here: https://redumbrella.se/

When will you visit (insert city/country)?
If you can’t make it to Florence, Italy and you’d rather have me come visit you in your city, I offer the option of a FMTY (short for fly me to you, it doesn’t mean I have to actually fly to you. I often prefer the train since it’s more eco-friendly. FMTY is an expression used by providers meaning that we’re happy to travel to your city if you book us). Please don’t email me asking questions like “when will you be in *city* with no intention of actually booking me. It’s just rude and a waist of time. I do not travel to you on my own expense, so please include my tickets/hotel in my donation.

How long have you been Clementine for?
Since February 2020 (good timing with pandemic, I know!).

If your first language is Swedish, why do you tweet/write on your website in English?
Many of my clients are international travelers or none native Swedish speakers. Also, a lot of my fellow colleagues and friends doesn’t speak Swedish so if I only tweeted in Swedish I wouldn’t be able to connect with them!

Do you meet with couples?
Yes! I do both MMF and FFM. But please don’t try to book me as a surprise for your significant other, it will probably make us both uncomfortable.
I find that the best way to actually make a threesome fantasy with your partner happen (and to make it as good as possible without any hassle) is to book a provider for it, let’s get in touch!

Why don’t you have everything you offer listed on your website? I would like to know everything you offer before booking.
I do not like to list every service I offer on my website, since it makes me feel like a dessert menu. I also like to avoid “shoppers” (clients who try to squeeze in as many services as possible in a short session and bring a mental, or a physical (yes, I’ve actually experienced that!), checklist to our date) since I do not feel like being rushed and want our meeting to be as relaxed and natural as possible. I’m a human, not a robot, so please communicate your wishes and what your looking for to me!

I’m into something specific (kink, bdsm, fetish play), are you okay with that?
I find every fetish/kink interesting and something that should be cherished, not shamed! As I truly enjoy the more intimate parts of our date, I’m always open to try new things with you, as long as you tell me about your ideas before our date so I can be prepared.

How do I book you?
You fill in my contact sheet here on my website with all the required information (ex. what, where, when).

Why do you take a deposit?
To make sure that your not going to ghost me/are a time waister/a false booker. Escorts are pestered with people messaging us and planning appointments while they satisfy themselves and their fantasies, with no intention of following thorough. I make a very few appointments every month and I’m very careful with who I spend my time with. When you book an appointment with me, I clear my whole schedule from any private engagements that day. I like to be 100% focused on you. Therefore I need to be sure that your actually serious with spending time together. I would never want you to do something your not comfortable with, so if you’re really not into the idea of deposits and don’t understand my need for one, I wish you the best and good lock in your future search.

What is “screening”?
It means I do a light background check on you before I decide if we will be able to meet. This is very important and something I do for my safety. An ID may be required for a first time booking, especially if it requires me to travel to you. Otherwise I would like to check your LinkedIn or you can email me from your official work-email. I just need confirm that you are actually you.

When you screen me, what if I don’t want to show you my ID/give you my legal name/information? Is there some other way I can pass screening?
Yes, of course! I really understand the needs for you to be discreet in your relation to me, trust me. I would never want to do anything to reveal your identity and never talk about who I meet with. Your safety and discretion is one of my biggest concerns. I often end up being great friends with my clients and care about you all deeply. If you have meet a provider before and think they would like to give me a reference about you, I will happily take their words as screening. Otherwise, I have a few different ways of screening you. Sometimes I may need to see your ID in person when we meet up, for my personal safety.

What if I don’t have any references from another provider? You are the first one I’m planning to meet.
Let’s talk and we will figure something out! If you’re a newbie, my best advice is not to overthink it and just go with the flow. We will have a great time together!

I’ve contacted you and you didn’t answer? Why?
Sometimes serious booking requests/emails get lost in my inbox due to a high amount of emails. If that’s the case, please get back to me! I never meant not to answer, your message probably just got lost. I get maybe 15+ off emails a day and meet maybe 2-4 clients a month, so the amount of trash in my inbox can sometimes drown out the gold.
If that isn’t the case you probably either: showed signs of being a time waister, asked/wrote something inappropriate or are someone I know is a… let’s just call it somewhat off a reply guy? Someone who has no intention of actually making a booking, who has or will never be a client, who just creeps at escorts social media hoping to get stuff for free. Or you’re booking request was incomplete. You left out so much vital information (like place, date, time, what you’re looking for etc.) that I don’t know what to answer to it.
If this isn’t the case either we probably reached the next step: you are someone who didn’t pass my screening and is not safe to meet with.

What can I expect from a date with you?
You can expect a fun and personal time with someone who is very social, interested in discussing pretty much everything, who is a natural optimist and always trie to look at things from the bright side of life. I’m very open minded and people has described me as “great and interesting to be around”.
During our more… intimate encounters, you can always expect that you will get to try what you’ve asked for, but please don’t come to the date with the mindset of checking of a list (like owo, check, cim, check!). This will just make our encounter unnatural and make me stressed out. Also, my time is my time. If you book a 2 hours date and want some more advanced stuff, this isn’t going to be good for either of us. I will have to little time to work with to make it a relaxed and safe space.

What are your turn-offs vs. turn-ons?
My turn-offs are (of course) bad hygiene, rude and entitled behavior, contacting me using bad language and/or not following my booking instructions (like just messaging me saying “hi how much”) pushing boundaries and having my time waisted.
My turn-ons are kind people who treat me as a fellow human being. People who are open-minded and ambitious, social beings. Of course it never hurts if he has a sense of fashion or grooming! I don’t really care about body types etc, for me it’s mostly about what’s inside person I’m meetings head.

Are your prices negotiable?

Why don’t you do incalls? I don’t have a place to host at and it would make it easier for me to see you if I could come to you.
Incalls can be very indiscreet and I don’t want to bring any unwanted attention to myself or to us when we’re meeting. I also don’t want to bring people I don’t know home to my private residence (even if I wouldn’t host incalls at a hotel, hosting at my own place would still raise some suspicions eyebrows), and to rent a place just to host at would, as the Swedish housing market looks today, be to expensive and inconvenient. If you absolutely can’t do outcalls, I recommend that you seek out another provider who offers this.
Regarding meeting at hotels, if you absolutely don’t want to book it yourself I can do it, but please make sure that you include the cost of the hotel in my donation. You can transfer me this on beforehand via bitcoins or a gift card at the hotel/booking page. I have a list of discrete places if your not sure where to book.

Can I work with you/make content/ask you for advice on how to start my own escorting business?
Regarding making content, I’m open to the idea IF your a serious businessperson interested in having a professional relationship. Please note that I don’t want to show my face, so I’m maybe not the best person to work with. To decrease the amount of fantasy talkers and none professionals contact me regarding this, there’s a 30€ consultation fee to be applied if you want to discuss this kind of work relationship.
Regarding working with another provider, offering duos/sessions together: this is a great idea and something I’m very open to! I love working with other providers, both male and female, as long as you’re verifed. You don’t have to have the whole website/professional pictures thing going jet, but I just need to make sure that you’re a colleague and not a client/non-serious lurker. If you want to work together, just DM/email me and we can discuss it further!
Regarding advice on how to start your own business: Due to the high amount of people (of every gender) who have this as a fantasy and contact me to talk about this, I’ve decided that you will need to book a social session with me to discuss this. My rates for social dates can be found under “services”.