Rates and services

2021 updates:

För dig som har lite bråttom har jag nu lagt till ett alternativ på kortare träffar (1h). Kortare träffar gör jag bara i Florens, Italien (där jag bor, jag har inte möjlighet att resa för en kortare träff) eller när jag annonserar att jag kommer att vara i en annan stad.
Jag kommer också att ändra den betalningsmetod jag föredrar till bitcoins/banköverföring. Såklart är det fortfarande möjligt att betala mitt arvode kontant, men då kontanter blir allt svårare att hantera föredrar jag om du överväger ett annat betalningsalternativ.
I’ve added the option of booking a shorter date (1 h) with me. This is only available in certain in Florence, Italy (where I’m currently based) and/or when I tour. A travel-to-you-date still needs to be at least 2 hours long.
I’m also going to change my preferred method of payment to bitcoins/bank transfers. Giving me my donation in cash is of course still always an option, but since fewer and fewer establishments accepts cash it’s starting to get harder for me to accept these as a donation.

Mitt arvode varierar beroende på vilka tjänster du är sugen på. Eftersom jag inte trivs med att känna mig som en dessertmeny kommer jag tyvärr inte att lista intima detaljer om alla tjänser jag erbjuder. Om du är intresserad av något särskilt, hör av dig så löser vi det! Jag har ett väldigt öppet sinne, tro mig.
My rates differ depending on what services you may like during our meeting. Since I do not like to feel like a dessert menu, I’ve chosen not to write explicit about every intimate service I offer. If you’re looking for something special, please let me know. I’m a very open minded person and I’m sure we will work out something that suits us both.

The regular Girlfriend experience, the romantic one:

1 hour – 345 € / 3500SEK

2 hours – 545 € / 5500 SEK (I recommend 2 hours minimum for new clients, gives us the possibility to both chat and have some private time) 

4 hours – 790 € / 8000 SEK (ex. 2 hours date time, 2 hours private time)

6 hours – 990 € / 10 000 SEK (ex. dinner/lunch date, suitable for more advanced private time like roleplay. In my experience 6 hours is the best booking for new clients )

Overnight: price on request.

Varje extra timme: 1500 SEK. Om du skulle vilja boka mig för en trekant (vilket är något jag älskar!) går detta under vanlig GFE.
Every additional hour is 150 €. If you want to book me for a duo (something I love!), this is included in the regular GFE package.

Jag gillar oralsex utan kondom, men när det kommer till de andra bitarna håller vi kondomen på.
I like oral sex without condom but for everything else, the condom stays on.

​The naughty Girlfriend experience: a little bit more daring, a little bit more advanced:

Tyvärr går det inte att göra kortare (1h) avancerade träffar som Naughty GFE. Träffarna kräver lite mer förberedelse och att vi känner oss bekväma med varandra!
Unfortunately I do not offer short (1h) naughty meetings. These special meetings takes a little more time!

2 hours – 640 € / 6500 SEK

4 hours – 890 € / 9000 SEK (Maybe drinks and dirty sex)

6 hours – 1085 € / 11 000 SEK (Suggestion: a dinner date followed by some really naughty play time)

Overnight: price on request.

Varje extra timme: 2000 SEK.
Every additional hour of naughty GFE is 200 €.

The naughty GFE is my special package, for the ones who maybe have something special in mind, such as role play, anal, dominance, fetisch, findom... Just communicate your wishes and ideas to me and I’m sure we will figure something out.

Exchange rates updated: 4 March 2021. If exchange rates have fluctuated, please use the rates in SEK (swedish krona) to convert my rate to Euro.

Social dates 

Never met a provider before and feeling a bit nervous? Want to see if I’m a real human being? Want to get to know each other a bit before our date in the bedroom? Want someone to join you to the museum? There is so many reasons to not want to be intimate with someone you never met before, and there is no shame in maybe being shy or feel nervous! That’s why I’ve decided to start offering social dates to. This only include hugging, nothing sexual. No screening or deposition is required for social dates, but I do not travel for social dates.

1 hour – 150 €

2 hours – 300 €

4 hours – 500 €

6 hours – 700 €

On the subject of deposits…

Please note that a deposit off 10% of my rate will be required to secure and confirm the booking if we’re not meeting in Malmö/Lund. The deposit will can either be payed via bitcoins or via an anonymous giftcard. I also offer the possibility to pay to my Bitsafe bankaccount.
A deposition is required to make sure that you as my client are as serious about conducting our meeting as I am. If we’re not in the same town, I will happily travel to meet you where ever you would like to meet me, please ad the price for tickets and/or accommodation to my donation. Prices are in Euro and SEK but I also accept DKK. Please consider that my focus is quality rather than quantity, why I have chosen not to offer short meetings (30 min, 1 hour for new clients) or incalls. I don’t do meetings at high risk places (cars etc.).

I offer overnights and travel arrangement (FMTY). Overnights at hotels only and with clients I already know. You don’t have to wait for me to tour your town to meet me! I will happily travel to you. When traveling to you a deposit of 50% is required. I also offer longer dating arrangements, contact me and we will work something out.

When we meet:

– Please make sure that your hygiene and personal grooming is of a high standard, and freshen up regularly (preferably without me having to ask) during our time togheter.
– If you provide screening information that I find to be untrue, I will leave immediately. Don’t try to do anything we haven’t agreed on before meeting.
– On dates of four hours or longer, incorporate dinner/lunch or some other activities than private time.
– Have refreshments available during the date. When I arrive, a suggestion is that you give me a towel and maybe offer a glass of water so I can freshen up after traveling, you might give me some time in the bathroom.
– It is sometimes possible for you to extend the date during our booking. The additional fee must be provided before the start of the extended period and if I can’t stay (I might have something else planned that day) please be okay with that.
– On overnight dates you must allow me adequate sleep during the night.
– Be kind and respectful. When I arrive, please be a gentleman and give me a viewing of your place (especially if we meet at your private home). Maybe pour me a glass of wine (from an unopened bottle of course)! Do not send me to a different location or do anything else that makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable, and please meet me outside if we are meeting at a hotel. For some extra discretion, you may provide me with a separate room key so we can enter the room separately. Make sure that you are available for me to contact before our date if I need any extra directions to find you. Please keep in touch on the day before our meeting, so I know that our arrangement is still relevant.
– I don’t share your information with anyone else, but I check in with a close and trusted friend of mine regularly during our date so she can make sure that I’m okay and safe. Other than that, my phone is in my bag and I’m all yours.

I met Clementine for a long dinner date this Monday and I’m so happy that I made this decision! She’s so sweet, cute, positive and down to earth girl, it was so much fun to spend time with her right from the start. I didn’t get bored even for a second, she kept all my attention on her. Dinner time flew by quickly, then we went to my place… But no, I will not tell you any details, haha! This is only between me and Clementine… Oh, I wish she could stay longer, but she had to take the train back. She left me longing for the next time I see her! This was a perfect evening.
– Stockholm, 2020-03-23