This or That questions with me

Written by Clementine Berg

Thought I would do a little game here on the blog for you who visit my website to get to know me, the classic this or that game:

Submissive or dominant?

Outgoing or shy?

Clubs or bars?

Beer or wine?

Big or small?

Dog or cat?

Netflix or hulu?

Streaming services or live tv?

Running or weight lifting?

Hamburgers or pizza?

Facebook or Instagram?

Party person or small gatherings?

Sweater or hoodie?

Eat out at a restaurant, or delivery?

Mac or pc?

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

Plane or train?

Vegetables or meat?

Candy or cake?

Breakfast or dinner?

Podcasts or radio?

Vacuuming or doing the dishes?

Sunglasses or no glasses?

Spend or save?

Hot weather or cold weather?

Rain or shine?

Sandwich or salad?

Sculpture or painting?

Classical or modern?

Tea or coffee?

Italian food or Chinese?

Multiple or one partner?

Read or watch erotica?

Hair pulled or slapped on the butt?

Always make out for six hours or always have sex for seven minutes?

Be able to talk to animals or read other peoples minds?

Find true everlasting love or cure cancer?

Tell everyone about your guilty pleasures or never partake in any of your guilty pleasures again?

Hope you enjoyed it! Let’s keep in touch via email or the contact form. Hope to make a booking with you soon!